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Backpacking, hiking or a day out.

Posted on 26 December 2016


Time out of doors is a precious commodity to the outdoor enthusiast.

Before you go, for a safer and more enjoyable trip into the outdoors learn a few skills first.

One way to ensure maximum backcountry enjoyment is to get the most possible value from the gear you use.

Be it a hiking backpack, one of our outdoor coolers or any other bag.

Here are some ways to get the most out of your hiking/walking gear. 

Spend several months getting into great shape.

You can walk slowly each day for about 1/2 hr and work up to 1-2 hrs a day so when you go on your hike you’ll be fit enough to go long distances carrying a backpack.

A well packed backpack will make all the difference in the world.

So you’ll need plenty of water as you go, even if you don’t feel particularly thirsty. So pack a couple of bottles (with the backpack cooler – pack the bottles in the insulated section and everything else on top section). Snacks of nuts, dried fruits and kind bars are great.

They’ll provide you with the carbohydrates you need for energy. Bring a small first aid kit – some aspirin, antiseptic, band aids and a small bandage. May a small pocket knife, a small flashlight, tissues, and a good SPF. If you are like me and have no sense of direction, bring a compass along as well as a map of the area. If you have a map of the area, be sure to keep it handy.

Chalk – if you are hiking by yourself you can use chalk to draw arrows for yourself so you know the way back. Pack up, head out and enjoy!


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