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Rolling Coolers or Coolers on Wheels

Posted on 24 January 2018

We have a great selection of rolling coolers. These bags are great for family picnics, beach get together's, tailgating, camping, travel you name it.

One of the best coolers, in our opinion and experience is the T-Rex rolling cooler

Great for busy parents going to the soccer/softball/football game - easy to pack for the whole family and since it has the nifty little velcro opening at the top - you can one-hand it. No need to unzip the whole cooler to get your drinks! And extra sturdy! With mega wheels.

The medium sized coolers are great for food transportation OR to take to the racing.

This collapsible rolling cooler is a favorite to bring to the races.

The smaller rolling coolers smaller rolling coolers (32 cans) are ideal for travel (fits most carry on guidelines to bring aboard airlines - please check with airlines for confirmation).

We got a deepfreeze that stays cold for 3 days... uh-huh.

Most of these bags easily collapse (when empty) for easy storage unless noted. Make sure to check the sizes (all the sizes are in the description field) to make sure that these items will fit your needs.

Happy Cooling!

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