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Insulated Backpack Coolers and all they ways they are cool.

Posted on 27 January 2018

The backpack cooler is one of the most versatile and convenient coolers. People love packing them for long trips or for travel, better to have cold beverages and healthy snacks handy for when you or the kids need a quick pick me up. Take along to the amusements parks, why spend a fortune on greasy food and expensive beverages when you can spend a couple more minutes packing your backpack cooler with goodies and fresh fruit for throughout the day. Let your kids carry a cooler too! 

Traveling. Backpack cooling is a MUST!  I never travel without. You know all about airplane foods - seriously, look it up. Pack your own. Snacks, sandwiches, and maybe a thermos. Once through security, load up on water and get some coffee/hot water in the terminal and have your own coffee. 

Excellent as a camping coolers.

Or hiking cooler as you can fill up on beverages, and add dry snacks or changes of clothes in the top section.

The comfy backpack straps make these bags easy to carry.

Great as a beach cooler. Pack your favorite snacks, with room for towels, suntan lotion, magazines and more.

Obviously we suggest not putting loose ice in the bags as this may cause tears in the insulation and make the bag very heavy as the ice melts. So pack up your goodies and go and enjoy the day out with fresh food and beverages throughout the day!

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