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I finally figured out the secret to losing weight!

Posted on 23 February 2017

And sadly, it's no secret.

Eat less... move more.  Yeh, yeh!

Here’s the deal – it’s very rare and HIGHLY unlikely that you “can’t” lose weight. My best friend, whom I adore, is always giving me tips on how to lose weight. Work out more, eat this, eat that, don’t eat this and so on. How much has she lost over the past 10 years in giving me advise. Not one ounce. Nada. ZERO. She’s gained.

It's no secret. Everyone knows.

Portion control.

Calories in. Calories out.

Easy. Frustrating and unlikable but that’s it.

I hate portion control. My inner brat fights me all the time with that. 2 oz of pasta – really?? Why bother! Chips "baked" of course, 1 oz, cheese… 1oz… ok, this food scale is broken, again!

Fellow foodies – you know the drill. When you see the ad where they are jumping up and down with pom poms beaming about how much they love their diet… you buying it?

Me neither.  I’m an angry dieter. I admit it. Hate it. I do love cake tho... :)

Here's how I gained and how I'm losing.  If you’re over 30 like me then here goes. (I'm actually over 40 but refuse to accept that too. And if I'm cutting my calories, I'm cutting my age!)

Even though I work out every day for over an hr and I always go on hikes on the weekend, when I got back from the workouts and hikes I’d eat my weight in food. After all, I had to refuel, right?  I was gaining weight… slowly but gaining. This went on for years until finally at size 16 I realized that the “working out” was not helping me offset the food. Glorious tasty wonderful food.

But really, I didn’t eat that much. And my bones ached due to the workouts. There’s something wrong. I can’t lose weight. It's not me. Ah the "fooling yourself disease".

So finally I had a firm talk with myself (that person you see out walking and crying, laughing, singing and speaking to herself – that’s me).

"Young" lady, get a grip. The fact is you EAT too many calories. You may hike for 2 hours but when you reward yourself with fried eggs, bacon, toast with butter you just negated that whole thing.

Be accountable. You CANNOT call it in. You don’t need Lindora, Jenny Craig and whatever else is out there to figure it out – you can do this. Plus can't afford them.

So I wrote down everything that I ate for the first week. Everything. I would weigh it – just to see and then at the end add up the calories.  Every day – I ate about 4000-6000 calories. Couldn't believe it but there you have it. Not good.

So I brought in the portion control diet plate. and bowl.

I have a love/hate relationship with those plates. If I stick to it, I'm losing a 1lb a week. If I don't... I gain. Sure I can go outside the lines but that's not holding myself accountable.

Anyway, I'm on week 5. It's not easy cuz I don't want protein and veggies - I want CAKE. But I also want to fit into a closet full of size 10's that I have so diet plate and bowl it is. 

I'm going to keep going and update as I go. I'm off to eat an apple...sigh... 

If you get the diet plate, please let us know how it worked for you!

Toodles xxx


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