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Packing a cooler for a day out with the family.

Posted on 06 February 2018

Packing a cooler is the easiest thing to do.

Going to Disneyland or another themem park. Always pack a cooler for healthier foods.

Bring lots of snacks. Make sure they are in individual bags. Healthy trail mix, dried fruit, even cereal - some crunchy sweet cereal that will not tempt you to the sweetie stand. If you do want to bring candy, then split them up in small snack sized zip locks for the kids (or you).

Bring water bottles, filled with water of course. Freeze a couple of them if it's going to be a really hot day - the frozen ones will keep your other foods/drinks cold. Forget the sodas - unhealthy and not necessary. Maybe some juices.

There are nice "picnic" spots around every theme park. Find one for your main lunch/dinner.

Pack come crunchy carrots. Sandwiches and wraps are ideal for theme parks. If you are going to prepare them ahead of time - make sure not to use anything that will make the bread soggy - your kids won't thank you.

Pack everything separately then make up the sandwiches at the location. Your favorite bread in one bag. Pre-sliced turkey and cheese (pack in between 2 frozen ice packs). Small ripe avocado too - couple slices of avocado to bring out the butter taste of the sandwich. 

Again, you can pre-make this - bread, lettuce, turkey, cheese, lettuce, bread. The lettuce should protect the bread getting soggy.

Remember to bring plastic utensils.

Stay away for the mayo's, anything creamy. Hot days - you don't want to risk that.

And you can always re-use your zip lock bags. No need to throw them away.

Bring fresh cut fruit for treats throughout the day.

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