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Why are you still BUYING plastic bags?

Posted on 27 February 2018

Reusable bags are a must!

Everyday, we are handed countless plastic bags: at the grocery store, some retail stores, the farmer’s market, even in restaurants. Yes, they are convenient BUT they are avoidable.

We are all for the banning of plastic bags – the banning of plastic bags may not be the salvation of the environment, but it could be a useful way to begin reducing waste pollution.

Plastic bags are more harmful to the marine environment since they have a greater ability to suffocate sea creatures. So let’s do what little we can to help.

Reusable bags have been around for some time. Thankfully, more and more people are using these bags for eco-friendly shopping.

Now a lot of these totes are made of a canvas like material – both inside and out – and even though these totes are helping the environment they can get pretty yucky for the person using it. There was a research recently that claimed “half of the reusable bags tested in a recent study were contaminated…” That’s why you should keep your grocery bags clean.

If your reusable bag is all material – remember to wash it, maybe put it in with the whites now and again.

Do NOT do this with cooler bags. If you have one of our reusable cooler bags, the best ones are with the plastic interior then you can clean the inside with a mix of vinegar and water or one of the bacterial wipes.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on these bags. They are functional AND look cool. Some of the insulated bags look like everyday tote bags – ideal for farmers market or a “one/two thing” trip to the grocery store.

And you don’t have to use a tote – the rolling coolers or the collapsible coolers can hold a lot of food too. So look around and look for the perfect bag, helping you, helping the environment.

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