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Managing portion size is one of THE best ways to control your eating habits and lose weight.

Breaking your routine is going to be difficult. We all like filling up our plates and we "eyeball" the protein/carb/veg ratio. Most of the times we are off. That's why we do not lose OR gain weight.

The plate method to managing portion sizes is very helpful for people like me that refuse to accept that 3 oz of chicken is such a small portion. The scale must be broken, right?


Eating with the diet plate keeps you accountable. I tried it and lost 1lb a week - when I DON'T eat from that plate - the weight goes up.

It matters. You can't call it in. You have to keep working at it and hold yourself accountable.

Try the Diet plate and Bowl and read our blogs on healthy eating tips and working out!


The Diet Portion Control Plate and Bowl (female portion)


The Diet Portion Control Plate and Bowl (male portion)


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