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Luxury Charm Pendants

Luxury and unique. 

The luxury charm pendants range is composed by an array of unique pieces of jewellery, flawlessly crafted from 925 Sterling silver, also available in the elegant 18K rose gold plating and the timeless 18K yellow gold plating.

Dare to be different. These gorgeous pieces cannot be found in the malls or corner stores.

These pendants have an extraordinary look. Captivating milky quartz and milky aqua stones make a striking impact while white and black zirconia add a multitude of sparkles, for exquisite women’s pendants that become the ultimate statement.

Transparent stones like the dark-blue and the red synthetic corundum donate a colourful radiance to the most glamourous 18k rose gold plated pendants.The dazzling black onyx finds in the darkened Sterling silver its perfect match, making for intriguing pieces of jewellery for ladies so easy to wear and edgy at the same time that, once worn, it’ll be difficult to take them off.

Made in Germany!

Zirconia Owl Charm Pendant


Lion Charm Pendant


White Lotus Flower Charm Pendant


Ornament Charm pendants with quartz and zirconia stones


Lotus Charm Pendants with zirconia and quartz stones.


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