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Crushed velvet scarves, hand painted in vibrant colours and hand made in Scotland.

Made by Ladycrow - a small Angus studio in Scotland, they design and make in house using only the finest silk, cotton, tweed and velvet fabrics. The scarf rings are made from pewter, designed and hand finished in Scotland and are ideal for the silk and velvet scarfs available.

The clutch bags and tartan scarves and caps are from a shop in Scotland and hand made with 100% wool. Loads of different tartans and authentic real McCoy products! Children's products are from there too.

The beautiful 100% silk hand made scarves are made in Vienna, Austria.

Italian 100% Cashmere Shawl Wrap


Italian Pure Cashmere Scarves


Luxury Silk Scarves - Made in Scotland


Luxury Silk Scarves Hand Made - "Van Gogh"


Luxury Velvet Scarfs - Hand made in Scotland


Mini Plaid Messenger Shoulder Bag


Necklaces - Rosary, Black Rosary Pendant and Evil Eye Necklace

From $36.50 - $49.50

Scottish Tartan Hip Flasks


Silk Satin Handmade Scarf - "Monet"


Silk Scarf - 100% Silk Hand Made


Stylish Scottish Tartan Shoulder Bag


Stylish Suede Tote Bag with Fringe


Tartan (plaid) hat and scarf for baby.


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