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Made in Austria

In this collection, you will find hand made 100% silk scarves.

Handmade in Vienna, Austria these silk scarfs are silk-screend by hand and can be found in museums across Austria.

The private ROSBERG label was founded by Elena Rosberg in beautiful Vienna.

ROSBERG not only produces gorgeous silk scarves with art motifs by renowned artists like Gustav Klimt and Josef Hoffmann, but also joins historical works of art with quality and style.

These exclusive Rosberg silk scarves 'Made in Austria' have already made it into great museums around the world. The works of great Viennese artists, captured on silk cloth, captivate aesthetes and art lovers far beyond Austria's borders. 

Bring elegance to your outfit. 


Luxury Silk Scarves Hand Made - "Van Gogh"


Silk Satin Handmade Scarf - "Monet"


Silk Scarf - 100% Silk Hand Made


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