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The Portion Control Diet Plates

The perfect diet tool at last!

Here's the deal. Everyone knows that you have to have portion control to lose OR maintain your weight.

What we often don't know, is the easy weight loss methods in which to achieve and maintain losing weight each and every month.

Forget the pills and shakes. Eating healthy is the way to go.

The change has to be forever. And with the diet portion control plate you can do that.

This ingenious design provides full portion control management in your life.

The Diet Plate® was created in England by Kay IIIingworth after she realized it was not easy to judge portions. Thus the Diet Plate®.

This portion plate provides measured sections for various types of foods. There are Diet Plates® for men and women. 

There are portion controlled bowls too so that you're not cramming all that sugary cereal into your normal bowl and having more than 600 calories for breakfast.

The Diet Plate® counts the calories for you as there are measured sections. DO NOT go outside the lines - you're just cheating yourself. Full instructions with the product, which is made from fine English Earthenware, dishwasher and microwave safe.

It is also encouraged, that you follow the Diet Plate® Weight Management System Plan which outlines a clear diet and exercise digital program, designed for weight loss and weight maintenance.

Each of the Diet Plates are divided into accurate portion sections for a balanced weight loss diet. Starchy carbohydrate, cheese measure, a protein section, a sauce circle and a vegetable area. Tapered partitions section off one area from another.

So let's get healthy! Bring home the Diet Plate® today, be in control of your weight loss.


Portion Control Female Diet Plates®


The Diet Portion Control Plate and Bowl (female portion)


The Diet Portion Control Plate and Bowl (male portion)


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