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100% Hand Made Cashmere

The 100% Cashmere is hand made in Italy by a small company with exceptional attention to detail.

The best quality materials can be found in Italy and of course, cashmere is one of them.

Below is a quote from the craftsman of this product as to how they make these beautiful cashmere scarves and shawls.

"During the teaselling stage of the pile, natural thistles instead of metal brushes are used. In this way a more delicate working is obtained that does not break the fibre and keeps the properties intact. This ancient and rare procedure exalts many unique characteristics of the pure cashmere, thus obtaining an item from the long-lasting uniform, compact, soft, precious pile."

No large factories. No made in China's. Individual people hand making each product.

Thus a high attention to detail.

No mass production here! Hand made wins out every time. 100% Italian cashmere is of excellent quality.

Made in Biella, Italy "Biella is considered the world capital of precious textiles and can boast several names and designer labels well known to the jet-set of every continent.  Only the best for our customers!

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