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Ex-Pat Shopping - getting your favs from home straight to your door!

As an ex-pat, I know what it's like to miss our Motherland. I know even more how much I miss the goodies from back home.

Home is Scotland for me so I miss the food...okay the chocolate the most. I have found places in California that sell them but really they just don't taste the same.

I think it's because they are shipped in a container, across the sea and spend about 6-8 weeks in that container and by the time it gets here it's... old. The only things that taste wonderful aged is steak and wine! And none of these are needed from overseas.

We will continue to add products from other countries and also links to the sites that ship to the USA.

There are wonderful places back home. From Scotland there are hand made scarfs and bags. From England, food shopping places. From Switzerland, the BEST chocolate in the world... need I say more.

Check em out and let us know what you miss and we will contact the store and see if they want to be part of our "bringing good stuff back to our ex-pat family" gang! (okay, we need a shorter name, it's not cool enuf...)



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ONLINE SWISS CHOCOLATES (ships direct from Switzerland - the BEST chocolates you will ever taste)

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