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Keeping foods warm in an insulated bag

How to keep foods hot in an insulated bag.

Yes, it's called a cooler bag however you CAN keep foods warm in our cooler bags. All of our insulated bags can be used for cooling AND keeping foods warm.

Whether it’s for the food industry, schools, or a pot luck party - we have some tips for you on the best way to pack you cooler so that your foods stay hot/warm.

Some people just take their dish from the oven straight to the bag. If it's only for a couple of hours that's fine. However your baking dish should fit well/snug into the bag - not too much space.

To keep it warmer longer, you can do the following:

Prepare or reheat your foods as close to the time of packing as possible.

Wrap up your dish/items in tin foil. (if you don’t want to use foil you can wrap it in a kitchen towel – but we have found the foil to work best and you can always reuse the foil – so no waste).

The best trick is using hot gel packs. Heat them up as instructed and place the hot packs under and around your foods and then wrap with a kitchen towel.

Carefully place in the cooler. Try filling up spaces with kitchen towels – this is important as not allowing for empty space also helps the insulated bags keep your foods warm.

Keep the cooler closed until ready to serve. Remember to serve the foods quickly within several hours for maximum food safety – please read our article on keeping your foods safe. And the best way to be sure is to use your own judgment to determine food safety. If in doubt, throw it out.

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