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Made in Scotland!

Welcome to Made in Scotland!!!

Our store is dedicated to bringing you the real McCoy and it starts here.

Bonnie Scotland is a small but exquisite European country with just over 5 million Scots. We have our own distinctive culture and we are super friendly!

Yes, I'm a wee bit biased since I'm from there but really... it's something else.

From the breathtaking lochs to the world's greatest golf courses, to the historic castles and buildings, Scotland offers some of the highest quality leading products.

Our crushed velvet scarves, silk scarves and scarf rings are made in Scotland from the highest quality materials.

The scarves are made from Ladycrow Silks and this is a family run company with a passion for creating beautiful scarves and pewter jewelry. The beautiful silk scarves are individually dyed in their studio. Each scarf is unique in their colors due to this.

Scotland bags will be added soon and more as we build. 

So enjoy taking a look around and bring bonnie Scotland home today!


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